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Google+ Hangout Apps, Jonathan Beri, GDD par Mind Map: Google+ Hangout Apps, Jonathan Beri, GDD

1. About

1.1. Jon Beri, on Google Plus


1.1.2. [email protected]


1.3. Hangout office hours

1.3.1. every wednesday


2. more than just video conference

3. use cases

3.1. office hours

3.1.1. answering question on weekly basis

3.2. #aiclass

3.3. Study groups

3.4. Hangouts on Air

3.4.1. when there're more than 10 participants, they convert it to a YouTube channel

4. Hangout apps

4.1. e.g., for

4.1.1. Sharing activities YouTube Teaching ai class

4.2. consist of

4.2.1. Web App

4.2.2. Declarative XML

4.2.3. set of API

5. Take out message

5.1. Whatever you can do in an iFrame, you can do in an Hangout app

6. How to

6.1. Create project in API Console

6.2. Enable Hangout API

6.3. Register a URL of the project XML

7. Key concepts

7.1. HAngout API exposed in hangout.js

7.2. access to

7.2.1. participants

7.2.2. shared data

7.2.3. Audio/Video

7.2.4. Layout

7.2.5. Hangout

7.3. It's all about callbacks

7.3.1. event driven JS you need to pass callbacks to handle the hangout events eg

7.3.2. but there're also sync getters/setters getParticipants

7.4. Shared state

7.4.1. you have access to a blob holding the shared state (JSON) there's an initial JSON, & then the service syncs the delta's getState submitDelta onStateChanged

7.4.2. they sync state with all participants when 1 participant changes shared state, it propagates to all other clients

8. demo

8.1. shows all participants & their current voice volume

8.2. the developers site has more samples