Jasmine Kosovrasti-Career Portfolio

Jasmine Kosovrasti-Career Portfolio

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Jasmine Kosovrasti-Career Portfolio par Mind Map: Jasmine Kosovrasti-Career Portfolio

1. Home Page

1.1. Basic explanation of the purpose of the website and what it aims to do.

1.1.1. Photo editing: add photos to signify tabs that break down the content in the website.

2. Contact Page

2.1. My email and contact information

2.1.1. QR Code: added to collect email

2.1.2. Contact form created: as way to upload a file

2.1.3. Contact form created: way to add first and last name to any file or comment sent

3. Credentials

3.1. broken into multiple parts first part clubs in high school

3.1.1. Digital Photos: of me in the National Honors Society

3.1.2. Digital photos: of me in Mentorship Program

3.1.3. Digital photos: of me in the Society of Female Scholars

3.1.4. Digital Photos: of me playing in Softball Team

3.2. Volunteer work I have done

3.2.1. Digital photos: of my volunteering at Gathering Humanity

4. Course Projects

4.1. What I had to complete in this class.

4.1.1. Infographic showing: Google Drive

4.1.2. Inforgraphic showing: Photo editing

4.1.3. Infographic showing: Note taking

5. Professional Resources

5.1. Resources and contact information for references.

5.1.1. Graphic Design: showing my reference from the volunteering I did with Gathering Humanity

5.1.2. Graphic Design: showing my references for scholarships I have won

6. About Me

6.1. Information about how I grew up and where I went to school. Includes my hobbies and background.

6.1.1. Powerpoint slides showing picture of:Hobbies, family, educational background, and future career aspirations

7. Blog

7.1. Past things I had done to include here.

7.1.1. Youtube video: Example would be the immigration video I have posted on YouTube

7.1.2. Infographic: of essays and projects I am proud of

7.1.3. Infographic: of scholarships I have won

8. Tag Line

8.1. The purpose of this website is to demonstrates both my ability to organize, present, analyze, and articulate in a manner that benefits no only me, but my future employer as well.