Great American Smokehouse Event WBS

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Great American Smokehouse Event WBS par Mind Map: Great American Smokehouse Event WBS

1. A.J (15min)- See where you can go with our vision board

2. D.R (30 min) Plan the Nicotine Gum/ Stress Ball Give Away

3. Create banners TEAM( 1hr 30 min)

4. Buy stress free balls and nicotine free gum A.H ( 20 min)

5. Planning

5.1. Recruit Volunteers B.M(2hr)

5.2. Create smoke-free banners A.H(50 min)

6. Implementation

6.1. Create Toolkits B.M (57min)

6.2. Speak at the press release A.J (30 min)

6.3. Hire a yoga instructor D.R (20min)

6.4. Buy decorations the event B.M(1hr 20min)

6.4.1. Create vision board TEAM 1hr 15min)

7. Post-Implementation

7.1. D.R (35min)- Follow up with press release

7.2. A.J (15 min)- Perform Social Media Promotion

7.3. M.W (45min each)- Learn how to stretch your urge(yoga) activity

8. Names are abbreviated with each task

8.1. Briana Maiten(BM)

8.1.1. Auttumn Jones(AJ) Deanna Reynolds(DR)

8.2. Anitra Hudson(AH)

8.2.1. Marketa Wright (MW)

9. TIME: 11hrs 22mins