12 Micro-Productive Tips That Will Help You Get in the Creative Zone and Stay Focused

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12 Micro-Productive Tips That Will Help You Get in the Creative Zone and Stay Focused par Mind Map: 12 Micro-Productive Tips That Will Help You Get in the Creative Zone and Stay Focused

1. 1. Eat a protein-heavy breakfast and a light lunch.

1.1. Eat 32 grams of protein within the first 30 minutes after waking up so that you won’t have mid-day, unhealthy snack cravings.

1.2. Keep lunch light to prevent your stomach from taking control over your mind.

2. 2. Drink a full glass of tepid water.

2.1. Even mild dehydration — 1.5% loss in normal water volume in the body — can degrade how we are feeling

2.2. Our thirst sensation doesn’t really appear until we are 1 or 2% dehydrated.

2.3. If you feel irritated and don’t know why, you’re probably dehydrated.

3. 3. Go for a jog while listening to a podcast.

3.1. It resets your creativity and rejuvenates my brain

3.2. It’s amazing what happens when you do something that gets your heart rate up while listening to someone you admire.

4. 4. Immerse yourself in water.

4.1. Use an ice bath every night. The body will literally shuts itself down for the greatest nights of sleep.

4.2. You can try a simple shower, if you don't like ice bath

4.3. This often leads to fresh ideas and a positive mood afterward.

5. 5. Call someone you want to be like.

5.1. If you like the person, you’re receptive, open, and sponge-like. As a result, you learn. You advance.

5.2. Call them, keep it short, and ask just one question.

5.3. In a few minutes, you’ll get a vision of yourself that motivates you for the rest of the day.

6. 6. Talk through your mental plan out loud.

6.1. It helps you organize your thoughts. Hearing it out loud crystallizes your focus and clarifies your next steps.

7. 7. Do the dishes.

7.1. When you overclock your brain for long periods of time, it will lose its precision.

7.2. Do the activity that frees your mind and let it wander on its own

7.3. Afterwards, your head will be full of exciting new ideas, similar to a shower.

8. 8. Get out of the house.

8.1. You'll gain energy around people, if you're an extrovert

9. 9. Meditate on the big picture.

9.1. Write about your purpose in life.

9.2. Think how each of your activities fit in with the bigger trajectory of your life

9.3. This moment of personal reflection will anchor you and produce a stronger sense of confidence

10. 10. Consume an extra coffee or your favorite energy drink for periodic sprints.

10.1. Crack open a Red Bull or make a pot of joe to find focus gaps from time to time (instead of napping or watching TV)

11. 11. Pour a glass of wine but don’t drink it.

11.1. The thought of it—its availability, ease of access, and promise of reward—motivates you to earn it.

11.2. This tactic of self-discipline and reward could help keep you in the zone while strengthening your willpower.

12. 12. Strum the guitar at a fast pace.

12.1. Do a quick rhythm with a high BPM count.

12.2. It helps speed your brain up and think at a faster rate