Forces and Pressure

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Forces and Pressure par Mind Map: Forces and Pressure

1. Question 1

1.1. What is a force?

1.1.1. A force is a push or pull

1.2. Effects of a force

1.2.1. Change shape

1.2.2. Start moving

1.2.3. Stop moving

1.3. How do we measure a force?

1.3.1. Measure in newtons

2. Question 3

2.1. What is pressure?

2.1.1. It is the effect of a force applied to a surface. Pressure is the amount of force acting per unit area.

2.2. How can we increase pressure?

2.2.1. If the area of the surface area on contact with the ground is smaller, so that the foot will feel more balanced and would not exert much pressure.

2.3. How can we decrease pressure?

2.3.1. The area of the surface area of the camel in contact with the ground is big so that the foot will feel more balanced and it does not exert much pressure or force on the ground.

3. Question 4

3.1. Calculating pressure and give 1 worked example

3.1.1. Divide the newton by the area If it is 30 000N and the area is 100cm, then take 30 000N divide 100cm and the answer is 300.

4. Question 2

4.1. What are the important forces around us?

4.1.1. Frictional force Created by 2 surfaces in contact with one another Unable to hold things; slip out of our hands

4.1.2. Gravitational force The force of attraction between all masses on earth It keeps the atmosphere near the surface of the earth so you can breathe. It allows the sun to burn and keeps the earth close enough to it to be able to feel its warmth.

4.1.3. Magnetic force A force with which a magnet attracts an object Measured in newtons