COVID'19 Scenario Mind Map

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COVID'19 par Mind Map: COVID'19

1. SUKESHNI - 2016ECE069

2. The women from China behind the editing of bats virus

3. What it is

3.1. Novel Corona

3.2. Corona Virus are transferred to humans by animals which were edited on the cells of a bat

3.3. Multiple and regeneration of virus cells

3.4. Pandemic Virus

3.4.1. With 7,318,124 confirmed cases and 413,648 deaths cases

3.4.2. Has affected 213 countries and territories

4. Where did the virus come from

4.1. It was originated from Wuhan

4.1.1. A province of 11 million people from China

4.2. It is confirmed the bats viruses were edited in the labs

5. When will it last

5.1. Vaccines might take a year to hit the market

5.1.1. Research is on through

5.1.2. Doctors don't guarantee in a year of vaccine produce

5.2. It might take 2-4 years to completely erase from the world

5.2.1. The Cambridge data is specific to stick with the years of transformation

6. Economies severe hit continues around the world

6.1. In USA 34,000 people have lost their jobs

6.1.1. Stealing and fighting has aroused

6.2. In China almost 30,000 people have lost their jobs

6.2.1. Divorces has numbered in high

6.3. Stock markets clashed

6.3.1. Billions of investment and shares have pulled down

6.3.2. Poor families have the worst scenario Inclination of poverty is rising everywhere Small vendors and temporary jobs of the people are facing riots over the government

6.4. Riches and middle class families are into suicides because of level of prestige on losing luxury lead life

7. How is the virus transmitted

7.1. This disease is spread through person to person

7.2. Mainly through mouth and nose

7.3. It is said the virus is carried in air

7.3.1. From animals also

8. What measures are major affected countries are taking

8.1. In Italy, entire nation was under lockdown

8.2. In China Wuhan, Ezhou and Huanggang cities were totally shut down

8.2.1. Lockdown was the only option for all the countries, it gradually rose to all parts of the world with the top countries as a major disaster

8.3. US was banned 30 days of imports from Europe

8.4. Schools, Entertainment, streets shops, offices are shut down till now

8.4.1. Assembled as Red zones and green zones

8.4.2. Online work and schooling is done

9. Countries against the China

9.1. Wars between China and USA, China and India is airing

9.1.1. Terrorists from Pakistan are working on evil crafts to dispel India at it's weak times now

9.2. Missiles, weapons and strikes are ready

9.2.1. China has pulled a riot with Hongkong and sistered with Bhangladesh

9.3. France, Europe, Russia, Brazil, Spain, USA, India are irritated on cheap Chinese medical products

9.4. Countries togetherness has opposed China and Pakistan

10. What are the symptoms

10.1. Difficulty breathing

10.2. Diarrhoea

10.3. Tiredness

10.4. Dry cough