Other Consideration Related to The Interview

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Other Consideration Related to The Interview par Mind Map: Other Consideration Related to The Interview

1. 1. Closing the Initial Review

1.1. Summary of the interview

1.2. Issues to consider near the completion of interview

1.3. Give the Interviewee the opportunity to ask questions

1.4. Recognize the Interviewee's concerns

1.5. Acknowledge my (interviewer) disappointment with uncooperative interviewees

2. 2. The Post-Assessment Interview

2.1. Encourage the Interviewee to ask about any area they don't understand

2.2. Usually do by parents-children or children-parents

3. 3. The Follow-Up Interview

3.1. Designed to obtain information about how the child and family are functioning and to evaluate the interventions efforts, where applicable

3.2. Focus on the following areas (Krehbiel & Kroth, 1991):

3.2.1. changes in the child's functioning child's performance at home

3.2.2. child's performance at home and school

3.2.3. family adjustment to child's problems

3.2.4. family stress level

3.2.5. etc.

4. 4. Reliability and Validity of the Interview

4.1. Several types knowing the reliability of the interview (Mash & Terdal, 1981):

4.1.1. - Test-retest reliability

4.1.2. - Interviewee agreement

4.1.3. - Internal consistency

4.1.4. - Interinterviewer reliability

4.2. Two major types knowing the validity of the interview (Mash & Terdal, 1981):

4.2.1. 1. Concurrent validity

4.2.2. 2. Predictive validity

4.3. Evaluating your interview techniques

4.4. Questions to consider in your self-evaluation

4.5. Obtaining feedback from the Interviewee

4.6. Recognizing the Interviewee's limitations

5. 6. Evaluating Your Interview Techniques

6. 5. Thinking Through the Issues

6.1. Background Influences

6.2. Factors Evident During the Interview

6.3. Evaluation of the Interview

7. Made by Johannes Danny, Faculty of Psychology, University of Atma Jaya, Jakarta, ID (2014)