Netiquette and civility in the online class room

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Netiquette and civility in the online class room par Mind Map: Netiquette and civility in the online class room

1. Civility

1.1. The proper use of grammar mixed with smiley faces conveys the proper emotions so no one misunderstands.

1.1.1. You can easily hurt feelings and cause things you wouldn't want to through misrepresentation.

1.2. Morally you should try to be as polite as possible when talking to people in an on line setting

2. Nettiquette

2.1. Proper Grammar and sentence structure is very important because it allows for proper communication.

2.1.1. You never know when some one trying to read your information may have some sort of reading disability.

2.2. When people decide to dis-include letters and apply numbers that sound like a string of letters it can make it difficult to under stand.

2.2.1. Wen ppl tlk lyk dis. I rlly h8 it.

2.3. Ethically you should always adhere to Netiquette. Especially for business purposes and school purposes.

3. no nettiquette and civility

3.1. chaos

3.1.1. there would be no guide lines for any one.

3.2. people would take offense

3.3. things would be taken at face value

3.3.1. peoples feelings would be under the bus

3.4. No one would want to communicate

3.5. Instead of a battle of wits it would become a battle of whose the best cyber bully.

3.6. People with reading disabilities would have an even harder time trying to engage in a class room setting.

3.6.1. For example dyslexia mild mediate severe

4. Generally I find people who are cyber bullies as children they stay cyber bullies as adults.