Herramientas en SAP2000

Comandos Draw y Select en SAP2000

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Herramientas en SAP2000 da Mind Map: Herramientas en SAP2000

1. "Select"

1.1. Select

1.1.1. Pointer Window

1.1.2. Poly

1.1.3. Intersecting Poly

1.1.4. Intersecting Line

1.1.5. Coordinate Specification 3D Box Specified Coordinate Range Click joint in XY Plane Click joint in XZ Plane Click joint in YZ Plane

1.1.6. Select Lines Parallel to Click Straight Line Object Coordinate Axes or Plane

1.1.7. Properties Material Properties Frame Sections Cable Properties Tendon Properties Area Sections Solid Properties Link Properties Frequency Dependent Link Properties

1.1.8. Assignments Joint Supports Joint Constraints

1.1.9. Groups

1.1.10. Levels

1.1.11. All

1.2. Deselect

1.3. Select Using Tables

1.4. Invert Selection

1.5. Get Previous Selection

1.6. Clear Selection

2. "Draw"

2.1. Draw

2.1.1. Set Select Mode

2.1.2. Set Reshape Element Mode

2.1.3. Draw Special Joint

2.1.4. Draw Frame/Cable/Tendon

2.1.5. Quick Draw Braces

2.1.6. Quick Draw Secondary Beams

2.1.7. Draw Poly Area

2.1.8. Draw Rectangular Area

2.1.9. Quick Draw Area

2.1.10. Draw Solid

2.1.11. Draw 1 Joint Link

2.1.12. Draw 2 Joint Link

2.1.13. Quick Draw Link

2.1.14. Draw Section Cut

2.1.15. Draw Developed Elevation Definition

2.1.16. Draw Reference Point

2.1.17. Draw/Edit General Reference Line

2.1.18. Snap to Points and Grid Intersections Ends and Midpoints Intersections Perpendicular Projections Lines and Edges Fine Grid

2.1.19. New Labels