5 Benefits of Medium Other Than Making Money

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5 Benefits of Medium Other Than Making Money da Mind Map: 5 Benefits of Medium Other Than Making Money

1. You get to meet cool ass people.

1.1. You make friends all across the world

1.2. Writers usually have a hard time relating to people who don't see the world like they do. So finding like-minded people is key

1.3. These writers are struggling in their own ways. But they still write

1.4. Being around other people who are pushing themselves to get better in spite of their doubts helps you become better.

1.5. To meet other writers, don't go the Facebook group route.

1.6. Focus on becoming an amazing writer and other writers will reach out to you.

2. You can build your email list to help you launch other products and make income outside of Medium.

2.1. Add a short call to action at the end of your blog posts to get people to sign up for your email list.

2.2. Platforms come and go. But nobody can take your email list from you.

2.3. Your list could help you, just a tad. with your book launch

3. (If you’re a good writer) opportunities will come to you.

3.1. Publishers and agents source talent from Medium all the time.

3.2. Publications like Business Insider, CNBC, and Inc Magazine often source Medium to find articles to syndicate.

3.3. Many other indie platforms do the same thing.

3.4. You can republish your articles elsewhere and build your audience with no additional effort

3.5. You'll get requests to do freelance projects

3.6. Focus on becoming a good writer, and you can attract outside income and attention into your life without having to beg for it.

4. You can become a fake internet celebrity.

4.1. You don’t have to be an attention whore to get attention.

4.2. Just write your heart out. People who resonate with your message will look up to you and admire you.

4.3. This will feel good because you’re getting that admiration for something you enjoy and care about.

4.4. Grow your Medium following and you’ll notice that you start to have dedicated fans who comment on your articles all the time.

4.4.1. You’ll get to know them and they’ll feel like your friends.

4.5. Knowing that other people look forward to reading your work can take it to an even higher level.

5. You can have something to point to when people question whether or not you’re a real writer.

5.1. If you make money from your writing, even $1, you’re a professional writer.

5.2. As soon as someone gives you money for something you make, you’re a pro. Celebrate that.

5.3. If you want to make money fast Medium gives you the opportunity you just can’t find anywhere else.

5.4. Bloggers are real writers

5.5. You are a real writer. So go write!