P2L1 2020 Proposal

P2L 1 DRAFT Summary

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P2L1 2020 Proposal da Mind Map: P2L1 2020 Proposal

1. WEEK 1: (Re)Defining Leadership

1.1. Myths about leadership

1.2. Qualities of effective leaders

1.3. Explore different models of leadership

1.3.1. what a leader is, does and the kind of leader you want to be Examining messages about success

1.3.2. What is the social change model (SCM) of leadership? How it applies to P2L modules? (Social Change Model | Social Change Model of Leadership Development | Dickinson College

1.4. Mindsets: growth, fixed and flexible

1.4.1. Leadership Challenge/Activity: Invite students to solve a simple problem to illustrate growth, fixed and flexible. Use a minute paper self-reflection to tie into the following week on "Insight and Self-awareness"

2. WEEK 2: Leading with Authenticity and Vulnerability

2.1. Insight and self-awareness

2.1.1. Connect to SCM model under "Individual Values Leadership /Activity: Tools for self-awareness

2.2. Authenticity and vulnerability

2.3. Exploring your values and motivations

2.3.1. Leadership Challenge/Activity: Co-create a personal/community values charter for how will "be and learn together" within this learning community

2.4. Examining messages about success

2.5. Applying the social change model of leadership - leading with authentic self

3. WEEK 3: Effective Communication

3.1. Interpersonal Skills

3.2. Communicating in a digital world

3.3. Inferences and assumptions

3.4. Effective listening

3.5. Applying the social change model of leadership - communicating with purpose and intention

4. WEEK 4: Exploring Diversity and Inclusivity

4.1. Building supportive, respectful and inclusive communities: unpacking power, privilege and what it means to be inclusive

4.2. Identify and challenge structures and behaviours that perpetuate discrimination

4.3. Reflecting on personal and collective roles and responsibilities

4.4. Applying the social change model of leadership - controversy with civility through dialoguing across differences

5. WEEK 6: Practicing Leadership: affecting change in your community

5.1. Power of informal leadership

5.2. Identifying where you go from here

5.3. Apply what you learned in your community

5.4. Presenting on your leadership style; giving feedback

6. WEEK 5: Effective Collaboration and Teamwork

6.1. Collaborative spirit; collective wisdom

6.2. personal leadership vs leading a group/team

6.3. Influencing, leveraging strengths of team members

6.4. How do you lead discussions?

6.5. Applying the social change model of leadership - leaning in to collaboration with purpose and values