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Sitemap da Mind Map: Sitemap

1. Home pagina; een pagina

1.1. Foto/ welcome video

1.2. teaser online course

1.3. call to action

1.4. subscribe to mailchimp (popup down corner)

1.5. socials

1.5.1. insta @patriciajjonker

1.5.2. fb patriciamindfulness

1.5.3. youtube

2. aanbod/ products

2.1. free giveaway, connected to mailchimp

2.2. online single lesson/ workshop

2.2.1. online subscribe, payment, (ideal, paypal) connected to mailchimp

2.3. online course/ cursus stralende vrouw

2.3.1. online subscribe, payment (ideal, paypal), connected to mailchimp

2.4. live bellydancelessons

2.4.1. monthly payments ideal, paypal

2.5. Bellydanceworkshop/buiksdansworkshop

2.5.1. at request. examples of workshopthemes and prices. contactform

2.6. Performance

2.6.1. at request, examples of 3 packages with price, contactform

3. blog

4. over mij/ about me

5. contact