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anola estimate da Mind Map: anola estimate

1. talesofthecocktail

1.1. rss

1.1.1. item coctail and culinary dream link comments lunk unhelpful categories address in content / undetectable limited automatic detection (jape) need ui for identification corrections time/date in content / undetectable (4h)

1.1.2. spirit of italy cocktail title link link to comments unhelpful categories address in content / undetectable time/date in content / undetectable

1.1.3. wordpress site organized around "posts"

1.2. parts (3 d)

1.2.1. parse address (1 d) jape

1.2.2. ui for corrections (2d)

1.2.3. parse time (4 h)

2. theadvocate

2.1. Search Rss Feed

2.1.1. Kevin Hart at Baton Rouge River Center, Sat, Aug 11 8:00p link address/date in title address geotagged

2.1.2. Bridal Show location/date in title link geotagged address

2.2. parts (2d)

2.2.1. load rss parse address (4h) parse time (2h) parse event title (2h) solid event desc (4h)

2.2.2. identify link

3. offbeat

3.1. wordpress, story based

3.1.1. branford marsalis quartet link NOT event

3.1.2. courtyard kings bacchanal wine time date available location linked and geotagged

3.1.3. problems happen maybe use html

3.2. parts (2d)

3.2.1. site scrape html (6h) identify time date (2h) identify location (6h) cache follow and geolocate good content (3h)

4. infrastructure

4.1. basic setup (1d)

4.2. structure and styles (2d)

4.3. deployment (2d)

5. fudge factors

5.1. how complex an admin ui?

5.1.1. how many conveniences?

5.2. notifications?

5.3. familiarity with infrastructure?