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Feudalism da Mind Map: Feudalism

1. Nobles

1.1. Responsibilities/Duties

1.1.1. wealthy landowners collect indirect and direct taxes and rents obtain more status by fighting

1.1.2. raise troops and command them in field held own courts of justice New node

1.1.3. Estate of warriors-those who fight protect the weak and poor by horse and a sword

1.2. Rights

1.2.1. aristocracy hold within political and social power rights

1.2.2. a men of nobility was free in his person and possessions only limitation-his lord

1.3. Environment

1.3.1. society may be termed aristocraticc

1.3.2. lived without working but ability as a warrior and their property lavish living more elegant clothes, larger castle, fuller table of food

2. Peasants/Serfs

2.1. Responsibilities/Duties

2.1.1. owned the lords certain duties women shared in the farm work with their husbands toiled in fields few days of labor(atleast) each week and portion of their grain

2.2. Rights

2.2.1. were not slaves(no buying or selling them) lords could not by or sell the

2.2.2. Serfs could not lawfully leave the place they were born rarely traveled more than 25 miles from their manor

2.2.3. lacked freedom over time, more and more serfs gained a little freedom rent his land from the lord for a time no longer labor obligation(more relaxed)

2.3. Environment

2.3.1. lord's manor house(generally 15/30 people) pay high taxes on all grain ground in the lord's mill village(es) land:long strips division,few plows, more work

2.3.2. church

2.3.3. workshop

2.3.4. Serfs: crowded cottages, close to their neighbors, very limited space and rooms

3. King

3.1. Responsibilities/Duties

3.1.1. began to draw upon the middle classes to create bureaucracy foundation for royal absolutism

3.1.2. granted fiefs (portions of land) to nobles return for royalty,protection, and service

3.2. Rights

3.2.1. be served by others

3.2.2. power(some little, or some more than others)

3.3. Environment

3.3.1. surronded by nobles and wealth

4. Knights

4.1. Responsibilities/Duties

4.1.1. mounted horsemen

4.1.2. pledged to defend lord's lands in exchange for for fiefs

4.1.3. maintain loyalty loyalty could be maintained through wages, kinship,friendship

4.2. Rights

4.2.1. were the dominant forces of medieval armies

4.3. Environment

4.3.1. could be sheltered in noble households

4.3.2. lord provided the knight with lodging, food, armor, weapons, horses and money

5. Clegary/Church Officials

5.1. Responsibilities/Duties

5.1.1. shared belief unified people

5.1.2. religious+social center

5.1.3. Medieval men and women saw Christian belief and practice all aspects of life matrix of ideas and modes of behavior not easy to dislodge from the mind set of medieval men and women

5.1.4. priest: administer the necessary sacraments with regularity and consistency obsolve women and men of their acts, usual source

5.2. Rights

5.2.1. under the authority of Pope

5.3. Environment

5.3.1. Church central to each town New node