Treats to the developing baby

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Treats to the developing baby da Mind Map: Treats to the developing baby

1. CVS vs Amniocentesis

1.1. CVS Chorionic villus sampling

1.1.1. plus finding out the genetic fate in the first trimester

1.1.2. Negitives more dangerous

1.2. Amniocenesis

1.2.1. plus it shows a more complete genetic profile

1.2.2. negitive if you should decide to end the pregnancy you would have to go through a full labor

2. Cystic fibrosis

2.1. This is genetic and because of this once you have a child with cystic fibrosis you have a 1 in 4 chance of having another

3. If there was an earth quake in California there are two risks unborn babies would face

3.1. Being born small

3.2. developing premature heart disease

4. Alcohol during pregnancy

4.1. Although one glass with dinner each night should be fine it is better to abstain

5. Teratogens

5.1. Teratogen A

5.1.1. causes damage during the embryonic stage of development

5.1.2. caused limb malformation

5.1.3. taken during the first trimester

5.2. Teratogen B

5.2.1. Causes damage during the fetal stage

5.2.2. causes developmental delays

5.2.3. taken durring the second or third trimesters

5.3. Teratogens exert damage to a particular organ during developmentally sensitive times