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Little One's Academy da Mind Map: Little One's Academy

1. About

1.1. The about page will give an thorough but brief overview of the mission of the academy as well as a brief history on why the academy was founded.

1.1.1. Social Media: Here on the about page, there will be a link to a Little One's Academy Facebook page for those parents/guardians who would rather learn about the academy on social media where, there will be postings about the academy from other parents and or guardians.

2. Contact

2.1. The contact page will give information on how to contact the front desk of the academy as well as the location and email address of the academy. Pictures will be provided on who a parent or guardian is contacting.

2.1.1. Graphic Design and QR Codes: The graphic design can be used for business cards which is why the contact page is a perfect spot for business cards that contain contact information. A QR Code containing the business card information will be just under the business card (which is printable) so if a person does not want to print the card, they can scan the code.

3. What Do Your Little One's Gain?

3.1. This page will give brief explanations about the benefits and outcomes when it comes to attending Little One's Academy.

3.1.1. Infographics: Here there will be a few graphs that show students improvements over their course at the academy so that parents or guardians have a visual of how their students improve at the academy.

3.1.2. AP Prototype: Here parents/guardians will be able to view how instructors use a particular app that is used in the classroom to help enhance the delivery of new material to their students.

4. How to become enrolled

4.1. This page will give information about the application process, as well as instructions about what happens after a student has been accepted.

4.1.1. Google Form: The form will be necessary when it comes to the enrollment of new and current students.

5. Stories from instructors, students, and parents

5.1. This page will focus on real life experiences that instructors, aids, parents, and students have encountered at Little One's Academy.

5.1.1. Video: Here there will be videos of some of the instructors, parents/guardians, or students talking about their personal experiences at the academy.

6. Home

6.1. The home page will be very important because it has the duty of grabbing people's attention. This is also the location where all important information can be found.

6.1.1. Digital Photo Editing an Logos: I will put photographs of the students daily routine on the home page as well as a unforgettable logo.

6.1.2. Screencast Presentation: The home page is a perfect place for a screencast presentation because it will give a brief overview about the site and the sites information. This is one of the ways that I will be able to grab visitors attention quickly about the Little One's Academy's mission.

7. Tag Line: Providing a Healthy learning environment for every type of student!