Differentiated Instruction to Meet Student Needs

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Differentiated Instruction to Meet Student Needs da Mind Map: Differentiated Instruction to Meet Student Needs

1. Interests

1.1. Michael

1.1.1. Likes drawing and taking pictures 1. Likes talking to others

1.1.2. In order to enhance his opinion chart, Michael will be able to draw pictures, find pictures online, or take pictures to accompany his written opinion and supporting reasons

1.1.3. Propose that Michael consider how recess and drawing are related in order to come up with reasons to support his opinion

1.2. Sarah

1.2.1. Approach Sarah during the independent opinion chart task to ask her about her progress and her reasons

1.2.2. Allow Sarah time to interview school administrators to enhance the reasons for her opinion

2. Learning Profiles

2.1. Emma

2.1.1. 1. Prefers using words, both in speech and writing 2. Works best with others

2.1.2. I will approach Emma during the independent opinion chart task to ask her if she could explain her reasons to me aloud

2.1.3. The students will break off into groups to discuss their opinions and brainstorm two supporting reasons

2.2. James

2.2.1. 1. Visual learner 2. Works best with music

2.2.2. Allow James to listen to music while working independently on his opinion chart

2.2.3. While explaining the task to students, I will pull up an opinion chart on the SMART board. I will explain my opinion (of students using cellphones) by writing my opinion and reasons onto each section of the SMART board chart

3. Readiness Levels

3.1. Daniel

3.1.1. Extensive vocabulary and reading comprehension

3.1.2. Provide Daniel with more advanced articles on the topic of recess that he could use as sources in his essay

3.1.3. Propose to Daniel that he write an essay with an opinion that opposes his own on the topic of recess or provide credible sources, not including his personal experience

3.2. Sam

3.2.1. Difficulty organizing thoughts into writing

3.2.2. Help Sam create a visual organizer on the computer or on paper that is scaffolded with starter sentences or questions

3.2.3. Ask Sam to explain her opinion verbally and write down on the SMART board what she says. Ask her to state a reason verbally, and this time ask her to write it on the board herself

4. Objective to be met

4.1. Arizona State Standard 4.W.1

4.1.1. Students will be able to organize their opinions and reasons using an organizational structure