REISkills Introduction - Types of Deals

REI - Wholesaling, Retailing, Seller Financing, and Rentals

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REISkills Introduction - Types of Deals により Mind Map: REISkills Introduction - Types of Deals

1. Who We Are

1.1. REISkills helps people learn real estate investing. We focus on wholesaling, retailing, and seller financing which includes lease options to buy and sell, subject to existing financing to buy, straight options to flip or hold, wraparound mortgages to buy and sell, contracts for deed to buy and sell, and other creative techniques. We encourage new people to start off with residential real estate but not be confined to single family. Once you get experience with residential, branch out to small apartment buildings and multifamily. 2021 is a wonderful time to be involved with real estate investing. See more at

1.2. Our Customer Service

1.2.1. Our Customer Service: REISkills is devoted to customer service. Our students receive the best training and the best support so that they can close deals and make money.

1.3. Our Training Guarantee

1.3.1. Our Guarantee: We have a limited guarantee that we disclose regarding recouping your training fees. We guarantee that you're training fees will be refunded to you if you fail to make profits of at least $7000 in your first 12 calendar months. There are conditions to this guarantee that we will disclose to you. Very few coaches will guarantee results in Real Estate Investing Coaching.

1.4. Our Mission

1.4.1. Our mission statement: REISkills is devoted to the real estate investor, to help him or her learn creative techniques and learn how to negotiate with sellers, buyers, and agents. We pride ourselves on coaching 1 on 1. We want the real estate investor to succeed quickly and avoid the “shiny object syndrome”.

2. Types of Deals

2.1. 1 Deal Sections

2.1.1. The four Deal Sections which are ...

2.1.2. 1. Wholesaling Section,

2.1.3. 2. Retailing Section,

2.1.4. 3. Seller Financing Section

2.1.5. 3.1 Sub2

2.1.6. 3.2 Agreement For Deed

2.1.7. 3.3 Seller Carry Equity

2.1.8. 3.4 Lease Option

2.1.9. 3.5 Straight Option (Flip)

2.1.10. 4. Landlording Section.

2.2. 2 Detail

2.2.1. In the Wholesaling and Retailing Sections, the deal is in the price, while in the Seller Financing Section, the deal is in the finance terms. All three of these Sections offer big paydays. In the Wholesaling Section, you are able to flip properties for a quick profit without needing credit, money or doing any repairs. While Retailing is the most difficult Section, you can make the biggest paydays by buying properties, fixing them up, and then selling the property to a homebuyer. In the Seller Financing Section you have the ability to control beautiful houses in beautiful neighborhoods using little or no money, or credit. And, the nicer and more expensive houses can offer the larger spreads and profits. And lastly, the Landlording Section and the Seller Financing Section provide residual cash flow that you can't get in the Wholesaling and Retailing Sections.

2.3. 3 Why People Fail in REI

2.3.1. Why People Fail in REI