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Honesty により Mind Map: Honesty

1. Courage

1.1. Takes courage to be honest

1.2. To speak up

1.3. People might threaten you or discourage you

1.3.1. Disrupts you from telling the truth

2. Perspective

2.1. Though you might be honest, other people might think that you are doing the wrong thing.

2.2. Honesty is how you actually feel

2.2.1. It might not be the same for others but it is your personal perspective

3. Correct

3.1. It is the correct thing to do but usually the hardest

3.1.1. Usually there are people/thoughts against you

3.2. Truth

3.2.1. Honesty is to tell the truth If you are not telling the truth, then you are not honest

4. Trust

4.1. People will believe you more if you are honest

4.1.1. Gives people an impression of you People will know what you are like if they say that you are honest

4.2. People trust you because you are honest