To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird により Mind Map: To Kill a Mockingbird

1. Conflicts

1.1. Racial Segregation

1.1.1. Leads to decision for the jury

1.2. Going against the social norms

1.2.1. Mayella Gets hurt by father as she broke it

2. Kids

2.1. Has a fascination about Boo

2.1.1. Jem Does not want to be seen with Scout when he got older

2.1.2. Scout Has conflicts with people at school and with Francis

3. Trails of Story

3.1. Tom Robinson

3.1.1. Did not do anything wrong Except to feel sorry for a white woman (which was not acceptable at that time)

3.1.2. Helped Mayella Caused her to want to kiss him

3.1.3. Passed by the Ewell house every day he goes to work

3.2. Boo Radley

3.2.1. Has many rumours about him

3.2.2. Is actually a good person

3.2.3. Does not want to harm anybody

3.2.4. Protects the kids Gives Scout blanket Saves Jem and Scout from Mr. Ewell

3.2.5. Lonely Not allowed to go out of the house Isolated from the outside world Looking at Jem and Scout is his form of entertainment

4. Characters

4.1. Atticus

4.1.1. Helps Jem and Scout understand the world around them

4.1.2. Does not tell kids his talent as he wants to protect them