Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men により Mind Map: Of Mice and Men

1. Lennie

1.1. Follows whatever george says

1.2. Honestly does not mean to hurt anyone

2. George

2.1. Leads Lennie

2.2. is lennie's guardian

2.3. Killed lennie as he knew that if curly did it, he would cause pain

2.3.1. Lennie didn't know what hit him

3. Curly

3.1. is not liked by anyone (including his wife)

3.2. Does not like big people

3.3. intentionally picks fights with big people

3.3.1. challenge them

3.4. Wife

3.4.1. Lonely No other female on the farm Wants to talk to people Leads to walking around, trying to talk to people

3.4.2. Wants attention

4. Mice

4.1. Symbol for lennie

4.1.1. Shows innocenece

4.1.2. Fragility

5. Setting

5.1. California

5.1.1. There is a negro on the farm Lives seperate from whites Segregation