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Antigone により Mind Map: Antigone

1. Creon

1.1. Stubborn

1.2. Hubris

1.2.1. Lead to his downfall

2. Tireseas

2.1. Tells the truth

2.1.1. Only when the chorus convinces Creon what Tireseas said, he changes his mind

2.1.2. Gets insulted by Creon when he tells the truth

2.2. Brave

2.2.1. Faced Creon and did not back down despite the threats Creon gave him

3. Ismene

4. Haemon

4.1. Siding with Antigone

4.2. Tries to change Creon's mind

5. Antigone

5.1. Stubborn

5.1.1. Does not change her mind even after Ismene tries to convince her not to go against Creon

5.2. Loyal

5.2.1. Wanted to bury Polynices

5.3. Religious

5.3.1. Bury Polynices