Promotional short video

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Promotional short video により Mind Map: Promotional short video

1. Objectives

1.1. Create awareness among faculty and Students

1.2. Asks viewer's to act

1.2.1. Share the video Seek those network effects

1.2.2. Like the CAOER page Build our captive audience

1.2.3. Tell other faculty members and students Two step approach 1st step - Exposure to message 2nd step - Word of mouth

1.3. Allegro ma non troppo video

2. Script outline

2.1. High cost of textbooks

2.1.1. Show graph with motion

2.2. What to do?

2.2.1. The 3 higher education segments in California have teamed up to find open textbooks for our students

2.3. Where to start?

2.3.1. Identify courses in which our students need help Map of California with dots animation

2.3.2. Start with 5 courses Icons of different courses pop-up

2.3.3. We looked for books in OER repositories all over the world Give credit to similar efforts Map of North America, Europe, and Asia, each with the names of different OER endeavors

2.3.4. We found strong open textbooks for these courses COOL4ED icons for courses appear check marks

2.3.5. We coordinated with our faculty to perform peer reviews of the textbooks Outline of a crowd with 3 different colors

2.3.6. We also found professors using them, saving our students $ Professor A snapshot and how much they are saving students per textbook Professor B ... Professor C ... Professor D ... And n number more

2.3.7. These textbooks are ready for our students at COOL4ED Student celebration

2.4. What is next?

2.4.1. We have made a list of 45 more courses where open textbooks can make a big difference Small rectangles animation over California

2.4.2. Let faculty members and students know that these open textbooks are available

2.4.3. Tell faculty that they can submit their textbooks (individual or collaborative efforts) for peer review and inclusion in COOL4ED Faculty producing OERS

2.5. What can you do?

2.5.1. Share this video in social media Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus

2.5.2. Like our page and join our community

2.5.3. Tell your professors and your friends about open textbooks!