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Mind maps are practical diagrams that allow you to take more efficient notes during meetings, brainstorm and flesh out ideas, plan projects and outline strategies. Start with our Mind Mapping 101 training course and then select the mind map uses you're most interested in!

Available Courses

Mind Mapping 101

Everything you need to know about working with mind maps in one comprehensive course, with lots of practical examples!

MindMeister - Getting Started

Tutorials for all major MindMeister features: Learn how to create, style, share, publish and present your online mind maps!

Best Practices

A collection of tips and best practices for advanced mappers, including how to manage groups, brand your maps and more.

Business Productivity

Mind map expert Liam Hughes teaches how to use mind maps at work to improve business productivity.

See all Our Tutorial Videos

We've prepared a number of short tutorial videos to help you get to know MindMeister's awesome features in no time.

Mind Mapping for Marketers

Meister’s own Raphaela Brandner explains how her team plans content, manages knowledge, and turns ideas into fully-fledged strategies.

3 Applications of Mind Mapping for Leadership

Hilary Grosskopf shares her methodical yet creative approach to mind mapping for key leadership applications.

Mind Mapping for the Legal Profession

Administrative judge Richard Vitaris shows how to use mind maps to analyze legal issues, prepare for litigation and more.

Collaboration and Knowledge Mapping

Manel Heredero shares perspectives on the use of mind mapping to leverage and retain organisational knowledge.

Knowledge Mapping in a Networked Organisation

Manel Heredero shows how to build a dynamic and comprehensive knowledge management approach with mind maps.

Customer Profiling with Mind Maps

Liam Hughes shows how mind maps can help businesses to better consider and cater for different customer segments.

How Mind Mapping Can Assist in Design Thinking

Dr. Marco Ossani demonstrates how mind mapping can assist in the critical thinking required for Design Thinking.

Use Cases

Meeting Management

How to prepare a meeting agenda, take efficient meeting minutes, and ensure that all your meetings have actionable outcomes.

Project Planning

Set your projects up for success by creating collaborative project plans, perform visual benefit-cost analyses and more.

Academic Papers

Here's how mind maps can help you get an overview of your sources, outline your arguments, and write an A+ paper in no time.

Knowledge Management

Learn how to create knowledge maps that preserve your company's knowledge and make it easily accessible to key people.

Campaign Management

Learn how to create a marketing campaign plan, get creative with your team, and manage your campaign from start to finish.

Problem Solving

This is a step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs that shows how to solve complex problems more efficiently.

Client Presentations

Create presentations that are both engaging and easy to comprehend for your clients - here are 3 simple strategies.

Classroom Presentation

MindMeister is the simplest and fastest way to create stunning presentations for the classroom. Here's our complete guide!

Event Planning

Whether press event or Xmas party - mind maps offer the overview you need to ensure nothing is forgotten during your big event!

Learning a 2nd Language

Here's a simple technique that will help you memorize vocabulary and grammar rules more easily, including sample maps!

Online Brainstorming

A step-by-step guide to help you brainstorm more efficiently with friends and colleagues, including sample maps.

Note Taking

Taking effective notes is an invaluable skill, be it in a meeting, a lecture or during a TED talk. Here's how to do it.

Note Taking in Class

Find out how to take more effective notes that are easy to review, update and memorize. (With many sample maps!)


The complete step-by-step guide to writing high-value, long-form articles using MindMeister and your e-Book reader.

Strategic Planning

SWOT, AEIOU, the 4 P's and more. In this guide we'll show you how to use mind maps for all your strategic business planning needs.

Group Projects

Share maps with your classmates to collaborate with them on group projects, both inside and outside of the classroom!


Being able to tell a great story is an invaluable skill. Here's how mind mapping can help you craft better stories.

Getting Organized

Learn how to organize all of your study notes with MindMeister and create a system that's easy to search, review and update.

Case Study
Product Management

Find out how LiveBy uses MindMeister and MeisterTask for efficient product management from design to implementation.

Teaching Mind Mapping

Learn how to use and teach mind mapping in the classroom. (Includes sample exercises!)

Recruitment & HR

Learn how to use mind maps for applicant tracking, the onboarding process, internal sourcing and much more!

Mind Mapping a TED Talk

Live mind mapping provides a simple, visual and sharable format to present key ideas and quotes from TED talks.

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