My discussion assignment for my python programming class.

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Python 저자: Mind Map: Python

1. def main ( ):

1.1. #comment

1.1.1. Allows programmer to add in a message that the computer does not register as code.

1.2. main ( )

1.2.1. Every Beginning needs an end. This is required at the end of any program as a closing type tag for def main ():

2. input(

2.1. Variable

2.1.1. Place holder for anything really. Really good for numbers and answers gotten from input.

2.2. Order of Operations

2.2.1. Order of which math works. PEMDAS basically.

2.3. float

2.3.1. Necessary when an answer is in the form of 1.0 or basically anything with a decimal.

2.4. integer

2.4.1. Only needed when Regular numbers are used with no decimals.

3. print(

3.1. +

3.1.1. Allows for two strings to be connected

3.2. string

3.2.1. text you want the computer to read

3.3. (“string literal”)

3.3.1. Text you want to be printed onto a screen so users can see.

3.4. concatenation

3.4.1. Allows you to combine strings

3.5. slice

3.5.1. Allows user to separate a specific letter or more from a bigger word.

3.6. index position

3.6.1. Allows user to pick a specific letter depending on it's location. Also starts from 0 instead of 1.

3.6.2. word[0:4] also goes with this as it is it's form in code.

4. Pseudocode

4.1. Debugging

4.1.1. When you go back and look over your code to figure out any problems.

4.2. input

4.2.1. A label for what has to go into the program/ what is asked of the user.

4.3. output

4.3.1. A label for what needs to come out of what ever comes in from input

5. Before Code. Needed always before to plan out what needs to be done.

6. Needed to start code. The beginning tag to signal your computer that this is code.

7. Required to have anything show up on your screen.

8. Required to get outside text from a user.