Our Innovation Storyboard

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Our Innovation Storyboard 저자: Mind Map: Our Innovation Storyboard

1. Client

1.1. Demonstrate we are driving innovation and new ideas

1.2. Generate a level of interest from our clients to engage in a further level of conversations

2. Colleagues

2.1. Provide colleagues with a broader view of Capita

2.2. Bring to life cross divisional and business unit working

2.3. Challenge our teams to get involved and come up with ideas\suggestions

3. Division

4. Group

5. WOW factor

5.1. What can we include that will wow them?

5.2. How do we make this unique in terms of comms rather than a powerpoint or similar newsletter

6. Content

6.1. Whats really important to show our clients across Regulated Services & Customer Management

6.2. Need to make it tangible with proven case studies