The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic 저자: Mind Map: The Roman Republic

1. The Origins of Roma

1.1. Roma's Geography

1.1.1. Built on hills near center of Italy

1.2. The First Romans

1.2.1. The Latins built the original settlement

2. The Early Republic

2.1. 12 Tables

2.1.1. The twelve tablets the laws were written on

2.2. Government Under the Republic

2.2.1. They created the best best government by combining the best qualities of several types o' government

2.3. The Roman Army

2.3.1. Roma's troops were organized into legions.

2.4. Partricians and Plebeins

2.4.1. Wealthy landowner and Farmers

3. Roma Spreads it's Power

3.1. Roma's Commercial Network

3.1.1. Used Mediterranian sea to transport goods

3.2. Rome Conquers Italy

3.2.1. Took control of Italy through military power by 265 B.C.

3.3. War with Carthage

3.3.1. Carthage lead by Hannibal declares war on Roma

3.4. Roma Trimphs

3.4.1. Eventually after a failed campaign into Rome the roman Scipio Eventually defeated Hannibal and Sacked Carthage