Grammar TRanslation Method

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Grammar TRanslation Method 저자: Mind Map: Grammar TRanslation Method

1. Disadvantages

1.1. 1. Less learner or students motivation and participation

1.2. 2. Unnatural and inaccurate pronunciation

2. Techniques of GTM

2.1. 1. Classes are taught in the mother tongue with little active use of the target language.

2.2. 2. Much vocabulary is taught in the form of lists of isolated words

2.3. 3. Long, elaborate explanations of the intricacies of grammar are given

2.4. 4. Reading of difficult classical text is begun early.

2.5. 5. Little or no attention of pronunciation.

3. Advantages

3.1. 1. it reduces the teacher stress, the students translate the text from target language into native language

3.2. 2. it focuses on grammar, sentence structure and word meaning

4. Implementation

4.1. 1. Teacher gives the reading text

4.2. 2. Read the text silently

4.3. 3. Memorize the grammar rule and the translation of the word

4.4. 4. Identifying the grammar rule and translating the text word by word

5. Definitions

5.1. According to Scrivener (2011) this method is characterized by the traditional method, and by the abundant use of the student's native language; excessive reading of texts and their translation; reading comprehension exercises and assessment, essay writing, with little focus on oral and listening communication skills.

5.2. Larsen-Freeman and Anderson (2013) agree with Scrivener (2011) that this method was one of the first in the teaching of the English language and that it has had different names, nowadays it is known by the Classic Method, and it allows the reading of books of foreign literature.