Baked Snack Product

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Baked Snack Product 저자: Mind Map: Baked Snack Product

1. Cakes

1.1. Ondeh-ondeh Cake

1.2. Pandan Cake

2. Cookies

2.1. Laksa Flavoured Cookies

2.2. Chilli Crab Flavoured Cookies

3. Cupcakes

3.1. Ondeh-Ondeh flavoured cupcakes

3.2. Cendol flavoured cupcakes

3.3. Bandung Cupcakes

3.4. Kaya Pandan Cheese Cupcakes

3.5. Gula Melaka Cupcakes

4. Shortcrust pastry

4.1. Otah Rolls

4.2. Tandoori Chicken Rolls

4.3. Tuna Rolls topped with Chicken Floss

5. Muffins

5.1. Pandan Muffins with Mixed Dried Fruits

5.2. Muffins with Raisins and Red Bean Paste in the middle

5.3. Durian Muffins