Spanish Educational System

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Spanish Educational System 저자: Mind Map: Spanish Educational System

1. Reading

1.1. First, we read the guidelines which explain us how prepare the game

1.2. The documents of Educational System that Linda gave to us.

1.3. The blogs of the other groups to know the questions chosen

1.4. We read some important paragraphs of LOE to resolve our doubts about it.

2. Reflecting

2.1. The opinion of the group members.

2.2. Wecarry out an activity to extract the most relevant information for our questions

2.3. We used paper and colours to do our cards more colorful

2.4. We did a summary to study the documents for the game.

2.5. The questionnaire to evaluate the cards of the other groups.

3. Sharing

3.1. We used whatsapp to take an agreement taking in to account our times to see us, and to deal the work and the roles of the week.

3.2. We collect the cards for the other groups to do the game.

3.3. The answers that our massmaters replied in each question

3.4. The information that we uploaded to our blog