Samuel changes over time

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Samuel changes over time 저자: Mind Map: Samuel changes over time

1. Samuel changed because he used to be very short-tempered and he started fights a lot, but he became nicer and he learned to make friends.

1.1. He got angry very easily and started fights Evidence: Samuel fought with Richard on the ship because on page 54 it says, "I'm pounding Richard with my fists, punching his face, his shoulders, anywhere I can hit."

1.2. He learned to make friends. Evidence: On page 58 Samuel says, "I am sorry for punching you last night. Bring me a slop bucket, would you?" Samuel decided he would be nicer to Richard.

2. Samuel learned to fight with a sword and became good with it.

2.1. Captain Smith taught Samuel to use a sword Evidence: On page 85 Captain Smith asks Samuel "Do you think you can put some of that energy from your fist fighting into learning to use a sword?" Samuel says, "Yes sir".

2.2. Samuel becomes good with the sword Evidence: On page 88 Captain Smith says to Samuel when they were training, "the student has impaled the teacher."

3. Samuel changed because he learned to make new things things, he learned how to use a sword, and he learned to be kinder to people.

4. Samuel learns how to speak Algonquian and how to make different things

4.1. He Evidence: On page 89 Captain Smith gives Samuel a book with Algonquian words and it translated in English. Smith says, "I want you to learn these words."

4.2. He learns to make a knife. Evidence: On page 179 It says, "Kainta teaches me to make a knife by chipping a peice of rock until its sharp,"

4.3. He learns to weave a vase. Evidence: On page 179 it says, "Kainta shows me how to weave a vase so that I can carry my arrows on my back."

5. Introduction: Samuel is an orphan who came to the New world. He was very violent when he came but he learned to be kinder and friendlier.