How to submit homework in Google classroom

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How to submit homework in Google classroom 저자: Mind Map: How to submit homework in Google classroom

1. upload your work

2. Finally, Tap on turn in and your work is uploaded.

3. After that pick a photo and upload it

4. Then click to the add attachments there will be many options click on the use camera

5. First open the google classroom and check the assignment

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6. Ingrediants :phone or mobile and a book. First of all you have to open google class room. Then you have to click at the assignment you did. After that click at the add attachment. Then click at camera and take the picture of your work. After taking the picture it will say use photo so click on that option. then wait until it will load. Then click at the option called hand in so click on that so that means you have uploaded your work at google classroom. Caution 1. do not click at the mark as done because when you do that mam will not be able to see your work. 2. when the picture's loading is done wait for a while until its say hand in if u clicked at the mark as done at will not show the work at all