Adam Fox's Teaching Philosophy

Middle School Science and Math Teacher

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Adam Fox's Teaching Philosophy 저자: Mind Map: Adam Fox's  Teaching Philosophy

1. My Interests

1.1. Project Based Learning

1.2. Blended Learning

1.3. Digital Literacy

1.4. Arts Integration

1.5. Assessment to Inform Teaching

1.6. Mr. Fox's PInterest Interest Boards

2. My Role

2.1. Model Learner

2.2. Motivator

2.3. Learning Concierge

2.4. Assessor

2.5. Producer

3. My Students

3.1. Have Autonomy Over Their Learning

3.2. Engage in Project Based Learning

3.3. Create Authentic Products for Real Audiences

3.4. Interact With Other Learners Around The Globe

3.5. Understand Science Connects With All Subjects

4. My Beliefs

4.1. Choice is motivating

4.2. Content depth over breadth

4.3. Curiosity is the root of learning

4.4. Sharing and reflecting is critical to learning

4.5. Scientific Literacy = Educated Participant in Society

5. My Influences

5.1. Will Richardson

5.2. Yong Zhao

5.3. Brain Pickings

5.4. Smithsonian

5.5. Edutopia


5.7. Daniel Pink: Drive / A Whole New Mind

5.8. High Tech High

5.8.1. "Rigor is being in the company of a passionate adult, who is rigorously pursuing inquiry in the area of their subject matter and is inviting students along as peers in that adult discourse." - CEO Larry Rosenstock

6. My Thoughts

6.1. FOXTAIL Blog: My Professional Reflection Spot

6.2. I Am Still Learning Blog: Modeling my learning as a teaching tool.

6.3. Twitter: @adamfox711

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