Class Curriculum Grade Six English 2013/2014

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Class Curriculum Grade Six English 2013/2014 저자: Mind Map: Class Curriculum  Grade Six English 2013/2014

1. 2nd Semester

1.1. Topics

1.1.1. Language Developing and expressing ideas

1.1.2. Literature Creating Literature Poems Experimental techniques

1.1.3. Literacy Interacting with others Texts in context Journalism

1.2. Exams

1.2.1. First exam

1.2.2. Second exam

1.2.3. Third exam

1.3. Materials

1.3.1. Multimedia Documentary on Journalism

1.3.2. Books William Faulkner - "Requiem for a Nun" Order books in advance!

1.3.3. Work sheets

1.4. Study trips

1.4.1. A tour to the Faulkner sites

2. 1st Semester

2.1. Topics

2.1.1. Literature Context Examining Literature The short story The novel

2.1.2. Language Variation and change Text structure and organisation

2.1.3. Literacy Interpretation and analysis Creating texts Essay writing

2.2. Exams

2.2.1. First exam

2.2.2. Second exam

2.2.3. Third exam

2.3. Materials

2.3.1. Multimedia Movie: Dead Poets Society Create Questionary for exam!

2.3.2. Books Jack London - "The Call of the Wild"

2.3.3. Work sheets

2.4. Study trips

2.4.1. Guided tour through the main library

3. "The past is never dead. It's not even past." - William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun