Love in Romeo and Juliet Secondary Material

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Love in Romeo and Juliet Secondary Material 저자: Mind Map: Love in Romeo and Juliet Secondary Material

1. Andrews, John F. "Falling in Love: The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet."

1.1. Topics

1.1.1. Love

1.1.2. Tragedy

1.2. Central question

1.3. Important passages

1.3.1. P. 404 Desire

1.3.2. P. 410 Love and death

1.3.3. P. 414 The feud

2. Charney, Maurice. Shakespeare on Love and Lust.

2.1. Topic

2.1.1. Tragedy

2.2. Central statement

2.2.1. Charney believes that Romeo and Juliet is not actually a tragedy

2.3. Important passages

2.3.1. P. 23

2.3.2. P. 30

3. Dickey, Franklin M. Not Wisely But Too Well: Shakespeare's Love Tragedies.

3.1. Topics

3.1.1. Excessive love

3.1.2. Shakespeare's age

3.2. Central statement

3.2.1. Correct understanding of Shakespeare's love tragedies requires an understanding of Elizabethan thought about love

3.3. Important passages

3.3.1. P. 88

3.3.2. P101

4. Mabillard, Amanda. Shakespeare's Audience: The Groundlings.

4.1. Topics

4.1.1. Who would have attended an original Shakespeare production?

4.1.2. Shakespeare's age

4.2. Quote

4.2.1. Shakespeare's audience would have been composed of tanners, butchers, iron-workers, millers, seamen from the ships docked in the Thames, glovers, servants, shopkeepers, wig-makers, bakers, and countless other tradesmen and their families.