Mind Mapping in Primary Education

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Mind Mapping in Primary Education 저자: Mind Map: Mind Mapping in Primary Education

1. Develop learning and comprehension skills

2. Create an online learning environment

3. Enhance visual learning

4. Teachers

4.1. Create class and course plans

4.2. Collaborate with colleagues

4.3. Link home and school activites

5. Students

5.1. Improve reading comprehension

5.2. Develop writing skills

5.3. Learn math and science through games

6. What teachers say...

7. Mind Mapping Uses

8. All Platforms

9. What is Mind Mapping?

9.1. Visual thinking tool

9.2. Graphical representation of ideas and concepts

9.3. Links both creative and logical sides of the brain

9.4. Develop ideas and thoughts!

10. Why Mind Mapping?

11. Encourage teamwork

12. “It is very user friendly, and easy to start using. My grade 3 students had it figured out in no time.” Jennifer Friske (Elementary Teacher)

13. “The students found it an effective program and it was great to see them independently begin to use it in other subjects” Donna Gray (Middle School Teacher)