Out of My Mind

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Out of My Mind 저자: Mind Map: Out of My Mind

1. Melody

1.1. Determined

1.1.1. Melody practiced every night because she was determined to get on the WizKids team

1.2. There was a question about Melody in the Quiz, I thought it was really cool

2. Catherine

2.1. Catherine has a really Kind heart she really helpful and kind to melody

3. Rose

3.1. For a while I thought Rose was not the best friend but now she is a great friend.

4. Ms. V

5. Penny

6. Molly

7. Claire

8. Connor

9. My Thinking

9.1. Melody's Quiz team won the first round, I hope they get to DC!

9.2. Everyone is now really nice to Melody Because she did a really good job on her Quiz

9.3. Meldoy's team won they get to go to Washington D.C. ! Im really happy for Melody!

10. Predictions