Comprehension Skills 1C1

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Comprehension Skills 1C1 저자: Mind Map: Comprehension Skills 1C1

1. Summarizing means figuring out what is really important in the text and explaining it your own words.A summary should be short.

2. Synthesising means learning from what you read and adding new ideas to what you already know.

3. New node

4. Visualising is like creating a movie in your mind while you read.

5. Activating your prior knowledge means using what you already know to help you understand something.

6. inferring means figuring out something that the author doesn't actually say. You can use clues that are in the text, and things from your own mind

7. Evaluating means making a judgement about what you read and explaining why.

8. Questioning

9. Inferring

10. Evaluating

11. Using prior knowledge

12. Making connections

13. Synthesising

14. Summarizing

15. Visualising

16. Questioning helps you find information and focus your attention on what's important in the text.