Echoview training, San Diego, 15-19 Feb 2016

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Echoview training, San Diego, 15-19 Feb 2016 저자: Mind Map: Echoview training, San Diego, 15-19 Feb 2016

1. Learning activities

1.1. Guided

1.1.1. Demonstrations

1.1.2. Individual exercises

1.1.3. Group exercises

1.1.4. Group discussions

1.2. Self directed

1.2.1. Video tutorials

1.2.2. Written tutorials

2. Instructional materials

2.1. Learner Guide

2.2. Trainer Guide

2.3. Presentations

2.4. Exercises & tutorials

2.4.1. In-class exercises

2.4.2. Video tutorials

2.4.3. Written tutorials

2.5. Echoview files and associated data

2.6. Ancillary files

2.6.1. Videos

2.6.2. Calculators

2.6.3. Checklists

2.6.4. Webpage shortcuts

2.6.5. etc.

3. Learning modules

3.1. Echoview features

3.1.1. Description

3.1.2. Application

3.1.3. Topics Data model/hierarchy Echoview EV file(s) Fileset(s) Data file(s) Raw variable(s) Virtual variable(s) Dataflows Modules Operators Data types Grids Lines & line types Regions Types Classes Special values Transducer geometry Calibration Auto-calibration ECS files Analysis Analysis domains On-screen analysis Export analysis

3.2. Hydroacoustic theory

3.2.1. Description

3.2.2. Application

3.2.3. Topics The piezoelectric effect Sound waves in water The sonar equation Transmission loss (TL) Time-varied gain (TVG) Scattering quantities Sv TS sA

3.3. Workflow

3.3.1. Description

3.3.2. Application

3.3.3. Topics Explore Data support Fileset(s) Dataflows & operators Windows & menus Navigation & selection tools Data views On-screen analyses Logging, live viewing & live export GoTo, skip-to-feature & integrams Calibrate GPS Transducer geometry Power to Sv and TS Auto-calibration Echoview Calibration Supplement (ECS) files Clean Data manipulation & filtering Background noise Intermittent noise Attenuated signal Background signal (imaging sonar) Detect Bottom detection & editing Cells (grids, intervals & EDSUs) Single-target detection Single-target tracking Aggregation detection Aggregation tracking Submerged aquatic vegetation Classify Objects in the water column Bottom types Characterise Biomass density Aggregation characteristics (echo-trace classification) The deadzone Sounder characteristics (calibration parameters) Automate Echoview templates (EV files) Scripting via COM objects

4. Active hydroacoustics

4.1. History

4.2. Theory

4.3. Hardware

4.3.1. Manufacturers & product lines Kongsberg Group Kongsberg Maritime / Simrad

4.3.2. Instrument types Single-beam echosounder (SBES) Single-beam echosounder Dual-beam echosounder Split-beam echosounder Multibeam echosounder (MBES) / sonar Multibeam echosounder Multibeam sonar/swath mapper Imaging sonar/acoustic camera Omnisonar Scanning sonar Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) Ancillary instruments GPS Still cameras Video cameras Nets CTD probes Motion reference units (MRUs)

4.4. Software

4.4.1. Data logging Simrad ER60 Simrad EK80 ...

4.4.2. Data processing

4.5. Environments

4.5.1. Rivers

4.5.2. Lakes

4.5.3. Estuaries

4.5.4. Coastal

4.5.5. Open ocean

4.6. Applications

4.6.1. Stock assessment

4.6.2. Behaviour & ecology

4.6.3. Habitat classification