Write A Short Story (Question 3 Paper 2)

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Write A Short Story (Question 3 Paper 2) 저자: Mind Map: Write A Short Story (Question 3 Paper 2)

1. What is Question 3?

1.1. write a strory based on the picture(s) & words given.

1.2. must have introduction, contents and closure.

1.3. use correct tenses, grammar and spelling.

1.4. do not spend more than 30 minutes.

2. What Must You Do First?

2.1. you must know what story to write.

2.2. get the ideas from the pictures & words given + your imagination.

2.3. brainstorm the verbs related to the story.

2.4. arrange the verbs accordingly using the SVO table.

3. Reminders!


3.1.1. introduce the main character(s) of your story.

3.1.2. use simple present tense.

3.2. in CONTENTS.

3.2.1. use simple past tense.

3.2.2. write in simple sentences to avoid too many mistakes in your writing.

3.3. in CLOSURE.

3.3.1. write the conclusion of the story or the character(s) feeling at the end of the story.