Human Impact on Environment

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Human Impact on Environment Door Mind Map: Human Impact on Environment

1. How do humans affect the environment?

1.1. Video

1.2. Pictures

1.3. Fun Facts

2. DIY Reusable Products

2.1. Pictures

2.2. Video Tutorial

2.3. Discussion Board: What do you think about this? Why is this important? Would you ever make or use these? Do you have any ideas about DIY products?

3. Quiz

3.1. Myths vs Facts

3.2. Overall questions about the topic

3.3. Open ended: "how do YOU affect the planet"

4. The 3 R's

4.1. Reduce: summary and how to do it

4.2. Reuse: summary and how to do it

4.3. Recycle: summary and how to do it

5. Pick an Animal (buttons)

5.1. facts about the habitat

5.2. Page for each animal about how pollution or deforestation has affected it

5.3. show change in species numbers (endangered or not)

5.4. How humans directly impact it