Theorectical Perspectives

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Theorectical Perspectives Door Mind Map: Theorectical Perspectives

1. Cognitive Developmentalists

1.1. Piaget

1.1.1. Nature

1.1.2. Language is aquired as we grow and mature and develop greater cognitive abilities

2. Interactionists

2.1. Vygotsky, Bruner, Halliday

2.1.1. Nurture

2.1.2. Language develops from communicating with the world and people around us. Without social interaction, it would not be learned.

3. Behaviorists

3.1. Skinner

3.1.1. Nurture

3.1.2. Learning and language happens based on the stimuli, responses, and reinforcement we get from the world around us.

4. Nativists

4.1. Chomsky

4.1.1. Nature

4.1.2. We are born with our language abilitiesalready in place.

5. References

5.1. Otto, B. (2010). Language Development in Early Childhood. Upper Saddle River: Pearson.