Romans create a republic

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Romans create a republic Door Mind Map: Romans create a republic

1. the beginnigs of rome

1.1. the city of rome was founded in 753B.C. by Romulus and Remus, twin sons of the god Mars and a latin princess.

2. the early republic

2.1. Patricians and Plebeians

2.1.1. In the early republic different groups of romans struugled for power, one group was the Patricians and the other was the Plebeians.

2.2. Twelve tables

2.2.1. A plebeian victory established new laws for rome. In 451 B.C. a group of ten officals began writting down the laws of rome, the group called the Twelve tables wanted to make sure all free citizens had rights.

2.3. Government under the republic

2.3.1. rome had two officals called consuls, an arista cratic branch of government called the senate, and in a time of crisis they had a dictator.

2.4. the roman army

2.4.1. all citizens who owned land were required to join the army, the roman legion wasmade up of 5,000 heavily armed foot soldiers.

3. rome spreads its power

3.1. rome conquers italy

3.1.1. roman power grew slowly but steadily as the legion battled for the control of the italian pennisula, later roman power extended way past italy

3.2. romes commercial network

3.2.1. romes location gave it easy access to trade of seas, later the romans and carthage fought bitterly for control of the mediterranian.

3.3. war with carthage

3.3.1. in 264 B.C. rome and carthage went to war, later rome defeated Hannible and the war was over.

3.4. rome controls the mediterranian

3.4.1. romes victory in the punic gave it control of the mediterranean.