Copy of Validity and Reliability

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Copy of Validity and Reliability Door Mind Map: Copy of Validity and Reliability

1. Validity - measures what we want to measure

2. Criterion Related Validity - correlates a test to an external criterion. There are two types: Concurrent criterion related and Predictive. Concurrent - measures two tests at the same time Predictive - measures how a student will perform before testing and then measures the test with the prediction.

3. Construct Validity - relationship of other information with some theory.

4. Internal Consistency - similar questions are answered the same on the same test would show reliability.

5. Alternative Form - two equivalent tests given to check reliability.

6. Test- Retest - same test given on a different day to the same group to see the correlation.

7. Reliability - results are the same or similar when the same group obtains similar results.

8. Content Validity - review to make sure content is related to Instructional objectives.