Alone Together Summary

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Alone Together Summary Door Mind Map: Alone Together Summary

1. 1-Sentence-Summary:

1.1. Alone Together is a book that will make you want to have a better relationship with technology by revealing just how much we rely on it and the ways our connection to it is growing worse and having negative effects on us all.

2. Favorite quote from the author:

2.1. "We fill our days with ongoing connection, denying ourselves time to think and dream." - Sherry Turkle

3. 3 lessons:

3.1. Our society has a lot to benefit from using robots, but it’s easy for people to sacrifice personal relationships for these artificial ones.

3.1.1. Just like with smartphones, some people who use robots for company or fun often neglect their personal relationships. A couple of examples: Another example:

3.1.2. We’re even getting to the point that some people would rather have a robotic relationship than real ones. At 64-years-old, a man by the name of Wesley’s been through divorce three times now. He feels that he always hurts people because of his selfishness. Bring a robot into the picture and this problem is gone. It can give him the social interactions that he needs without the risk that he’ll hurt someone. This is dangerous, though, because it just reinforces Wesley’s selfish behavior, never giving him the chance to fix it.

3.2. It’s convenient for people to always be able to reach us, but it can be stressful to have this constant connection.

3.2.1. It’s easy to feel anxious without your smartphone We almost see it as a requirement to have one and keep it on you all the time.

3.2.2. There aren't many teenagers who can be without their phone for just a few minutes.

3.2.3. But it does afford their parents the benefit of knowing where their children are, which is why we’ve got these devices in the first place.

3.2.4. A girl named Julia’s experience on 9/11 is the perfect example. When airliners hit the World Trade Center towers, her school in New York City had everyone stay in the basement to be safe Julia was afraid and thinking back now realizes how comforting it would have been to have a cell phone to talk with her mom.

3.2.5. These are some of the benefits of these devices, but there are drawbacks. We can always get emails from work or calls and texts from friends. Sometimes we just need to disconnect. An example:

3.3. Reconnect with people in person to relieve yourself of all the overwhelm that technology causes.

3.3.1. One way to disconnect is what’s known as a “media fast.” It’s like fasting, which is not eating food, but instead, you’re taking a break from consuming media.

3.3.2. If you want a good way to get some healthy alone time, try just leaving your phone off and in another room.

3.3.3. Sometimes the best way isn’t just to disconnect but to get together with people in person and leave your devices at home. An example: This is a good way to bring meaning back into our digital lives.

3.3.4. It’s also nice to not get bad news right away Hillary, for example, is a woman who was glad to not hear about her father’s seizure immediately. She was alone when it happened and the news could have really scared her. Because she didn’t have her phone, she heard about it after getting home. Her family’s presence brought comfort and understanding of the situation.

4. Who would I recommend the Alone Together summary to?

4.1. The 45-year-old who wonders how they’re going to take care of their aging parents, the 22-year-old that is studying sociology and wants to learn more about technology’s affects on society, and anyone that’s curious about the future.