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1. Authority

1.1. authority notes

1.2. Helps tell if fake or real

1.3. Look for about us to help find out

1.4. If fake could have a nasty virus

2. sources

2.1. source notes

2.2. Documents proving if its real

2.3. Without legitimate sources it is not real

2.4. If contains many sources it is real

3. Evenness

3.1. evenness notes

3.2. Describes itself more toward one side than the other

3.3. Most call this bias

3.4. If bias it is not reliable source

4. Timelines

4.1. timeline notes

4.2. Tells when site was last updated

4.3. If updated recently then it could be real

4.4. If not updated recently could be fake

5. Purpose

5.1. purpose notes

5.2. Explains why it was made

5.3. Found in about us

6. Coverage

6.1. coverage notes

6.2. use to compare with with others research

6.3. use sources or compare with other sites