Laughter Out Of Place

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Laughter Out Of Place Door Mind Map: Laughter Out Of Place

1. 1980: Goldstein is a Latin Americanist scholar-in-training at Cornell. Works in Mexico and Ecuador.

1.1. While in Ecuador, her friends pique her interest in Brazil due to their enthusiasm.

1.1.1. 1988:Goldstein goes to Brazil for three months as an anthropology grad student and visits many small towns; she decides then to make the focus of her studies Brazil, specifically Rio. 1990: Gets funding to do her Brazilian study and arrives during their New Year's carnival. She notes the mixtures of classes and genders, namely the laborers and poor women and children and how they were not celebrating; realized up until this point she had only had a partial picture of Brazil and decides to make her study focus on how the state and transnational processes interfere with the lives of the urban and poor. Living with middle class friends, she cannot understand how the close proximity of the poor and the middle and upper classes does not bother them. She decides to spend a year working with two teams on AIDs prevention. Foundations of analysis. Sahlins vs Foucaut