Classroom Devices

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Classroom Devices Door Mind Map: Classroom Devices

1. Input Devices

1.1. Scanner

1.1.1. Scanners need a PC attached - useful for reproducing documents like tests, classroom papers or unique creations

1.2. Digital Camera

1.2.1. small item, easy to steal, break - useful for video for classroom presentations -

1.3. Tabet

1.3.1. useful tablets tend to be expensive, items breakable, need internet - very useful for AT, students who cannot use traditional input device, or teacher who wants to work with small group

1.4. Microphone

1.4.1. corded mikes can be problems to use, work with, prone to breakage - wireless mikes very handy, used for class presentations, stage presentations.

1.5. Input Pen

1.5.1. niche technology, not used very much anymore on its own, somewhat spendy and complex software - can be very useful for art, especially digital art applications

1.6. Touch Screen

1.6.1. tends to be more expensive than regular screens of comparable size, risk of germ spreading - useful for students who need AT, very intuitive interface, even for young or non-tech savvy students.

2. Output Devices

2.1. Data Projector

2.1.1. units tend to be fairly expensive, prone to breakdown, complex for non-tech savvy people - very useful for large classroom presentations, can handle many types of input formats

2.2. Headphones / Speakers

2.2.1. Headphones easy to break and steal, speakers can be hard to hook up to different units - both handy for AT purposes, I used these in reading lab 30 years ago