Et in Arcadi Ego

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Et in Arcadi Ego Door Mind Map: Et in Arcadi Ego

1. Associated Person: André Félibien

1.1. Poussion's friend and Biogropher

1.2. He had significant contribution to the fame of Poussion in France

1.3. He was the first one who misinterpreted the Latin Phrase, although his analysis of the work was brilliant

2. Associated Object: Even in Arcadia, there I am (Guercino's Versi)

2.1. memento mori

2.2. Dark and Sad Atomospher

2.3. The Skull is in the foreground and in the center of attention

2.4. All human beings, regardless of their individual traits, talents, and social status, are subject to DEATH

3. Others/Event: Salon Exhibition in the Age of Enlightenment

3.1. Poussion's Arcadia was exhibited in salons several times

3.2. This time the mistranslation of the phrase became widespread

3.3. Individualism