Digital Tools and Effective Strategies for Engaging the Adult Learner

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Digital Tools and Effective Strategies for Engaging the Adult Learner Door Mind Map: Digital Tools and Effective Strategies for Engaging the Adult Learner

1. We live in a world where all different types of technologies is within arm reach.

1.1. Create new combinations of ideas

1.2. Take your time no one can learn everything in one day

1.2.1. Enlarge sense of self Learn different levels at computer skills Promotes Hands on Learning

2. Introduction

2.1. All digital tools and technologies can be effective if used with the proper strategies.

3. Computers, Tablets and Smartphones

3.1. Computer skills and use of the internet can give the adult learner control over of the primary threats of their physical and psychological well being.

3.1.1. Ask for help yonot going to get everything righton the first time.

3.2. Fact: Older learners tend to learn slower than the younger learners do but at the same time they can learn the same computer skills.

3.2.1. Pace yourself and test your ideas Each of these digital devices are used for numerous things and can help you in so many waqys Tools such as computers, Ipads, aqnd tablets are just a few of the numerous digital tools that can be effective for the Adult Learner.

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6. Resources

7. Main Thesis Statement Adult learners can benefit more from using the new digital tools and technologies help find any information that may be needed for a certain class assignment, don't have to worry about losing any information that you may lose with paper and pen, and also it saves more time then writing things down and you also get a better understanding on many different topics you may encounter.

8. Conclusion The information I gathered demonstrates many ways the adult learner can engage in learning new technologies and digital tools. Its so much we can learn out there just have to know where to look.